Check Your Railway Pnr Status On Mobile

Published: 20th January 2011
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Now you can check your Railways PNR Status on your mobile through elementary and straight forward steps. In the Indian railway reservation method, waiting list tickets and reservation under confirmation (RAC) tickets are common.

They may be dashing about in the last minutes to know their PNR status. When the method was chiefly manual it was all the more troublesome for the passengers. But now with the advancement of expertise and great advance in communication facilities, the relevant information can be gathered through mobile messaging and calls.

The first elementary and straight forward way is to check your Railway PNR status is by using the 3-digit SMS code. The three digit code is 139. This is a service arranged by the Indian Railways (IRCTC) and the negative aspect is that in the event you need to make use of the 3-digit code, you will must pay premium SMS charges of your mobile service provider.

Apart from the payment part, it is a convenient mode. This is the way you can send the message: Type your SMS text as PNR followed by your PNR number without any space and send it to the number 139. You can also use the other short code of Indian Railways - 5676747.

That's: PNR your Pnr number to 5676747. The second elementary way is to check PNR on your mobile by sending SMS using the 10 digit mobile number. This is a service provided by Google and you can check your PNR status by sending your PNR number to 9773300000.

This is better than the earlier method because while you send your number by the code 139, your mobile service provider will charge you at the premium rate. At the same time in latter case, the service does not have such a defect.

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